Saturday, July 26, 2008


We cruised the Inside Passage in Alaska in June for 7 days!!!! We had sooo much fun. We wnet with Susan's family. There were a total of 32 of us on the trip!!!! Elizabeth and Boston had so much fun with their cousins and Aunties and Uncles.

We spent a day in Seattle before the boat left. We went to Pike's Fish Market.

This was a scary looking
fish, Boston wouldn't go near it but Elizabeth was a trooper!!!!

Here is Mommy, Elizabeth, Boston and Jake on the famous Pig at Pike's market!!

Jake is Elizabeth and Boston's cousin.

Then we went to the Seattle Aquarium!!!

Here is the boat looking out from the back of the fish market.

A little bit more detail.

We had a nice cozy little room which fit the 4 of us perfectly!!!

They had no problem sleeping!

The boat had activities for the kids. This was at the end of one of their activities. It was Blue's Clues day!!!

We went on a train ride in Skagway and saw a BEAR!!!!

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Jen Shumway said...

What a fun vacation. It is great to see what your up too.