Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt Anyone??

We had an Easter egg hunt in our backyard with the cousins. My Mom thought it was a great way for everyone to have equal amount of eggs by having everyone find there specific color. Sounds like a good plan..right? Well they were mixed variety of eggs that she bought already filled but each specific color had the same kind of candy. So when I went through the kids eggs I noticed that we only had hershey kisses & malt balls (not my favorite) Oh well. Maybe I won't gain so much weight eating all their chocolate this year! HAHAHAHAHAHA


Nicole said...

I put skittles and jelly beans in our eggs..'cause i don't like those candies. If I had the malt chocolate candies I would be in trouble!!

Photography By Jo said...

lol I made the mistake of putting candy I liked into Emma's Easter Eggs. I ate more than she did. :(