Monday, August 10, 2009

Castle Valley Outdoors DUDE Ranch

We went to a cool dude ranch in Utah for 3 days. There was us, my Dad & Stepmom, Connie, my Aunt and her family. Our days were jammed packed. We had a blast!

We went ATV riding all over.

We went fishing and caught a lot of blue gill & 2 rainbow trout! We also caught craw fish and let Elizabeth keep one as a pet...she named him "Lucky" (fitting, since we cooked all the others to eat)

We went hiking to some old rock art site.

It was kind of steep and narrow for Boston. Poor Brian had to carry him most of the way.

We caught pheasants with a net. That was a lot of fun to watch!

We saw horses and ponies. We even went horseback riding. Elizabeth loved it....We are thinking about putting her in horseback lessons.

At the end of the day we sat by the fire and roasted yummy marshmallows.

We met new friends and shared cold glasses of Castle Valley rootbeer YUMMY!

We also went to a rodeo which happened to be at Castle Dale, Utah. That was really fun, especially when they milked the cows.
Check out their blog on my friends and family would be a great family vacation!


Photography By Jo said...

Ok so I am SOOO sad! If that was the BYU livestock center that you went to I would have come out to see you!!! I am just down the road two houses!!! It is fun to see pictures from the vacation! :D

Nicole said...

It looks like fun, our boys would love it. We will have to keep it in mind when we visit Utah next.

Brian and Susan plus 2 said...

Jo- it wasn't at BYU. We were in Castle Dale, UT. We were only in Rexburg for one night....I would have loved to come see you! We actually went to the Yellowstone Bear World...which was really cool too. Lots of animals to see and pet. The kids loved, loved the rides (it was nice since they were all free)Thanks for the info about the

Anonymous said...

Susan I can't believe how big your kids are getting! The ranch looked like fun haha. I hope you're doing okay. I sure miss seeing you every sunday! :(