Monday, December 24, 2007


Santa this year was
not fun for Boston.
We tried two times and
both were unsuccessful.
Maybe next year
he will enjoy it.


brownymama said...

I love Boston's face in that picture! It's so funny how little kids are so scared of Santa, but love that he brings presents! Such a cute family. We tried to do some family pictures on a really cold day too. We were taking them at a lake and well,,, my five year old fell in. It was a 38 degree day too! Hope you don't mind my checking in every once in a while!
Krista Cook-Brown

Bowman Family said...

Those are the best Satan, I mean Santa pics ever. My kids never like him either. At least Boston has some personality and isn't afraid to show it! He's adorable! :-)

Jen Shumway said...

Hey This has been up quite while. Lets see what else you are doing. You know the guy that got around, I found his blog.